Ilan by Steven Hitchins

Via the shadowy presence of a little-known saint and other previous residents, Ilan takes a geological approach to the time and space of Eglwysilan and its surrounding area, digging down into the past to throw up verbal fragments that glitter with possibility. Glimpsed lives of bridge-builders and miners intersect with pitch-perfect evocation of twenty-first century voices in a language as slippery, resistant and compelling as the landscape in which it is entangled.

– Zoë Skoulding

Steven Hitchins is an acute observer, with an eye for detail and an ear for contemporary speech. He is also a poet with a sense of the historical and geological forces and processes that have made his native ground.  Above all, his imagination is alive to the material and psychological transformations of life in time and space. His alchemy transforms history and myth, and fact and dream into poetry. Ilan is a marvel of language, which repays many readings.’

– Jeremy Hooker

£8 including postage – To purchase Ilan from within the U.K. please click here

£8 plus postage – To purchase Ilan from outside of the U.K. please click here

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