I fear my best work behind me

I fear my best work behind me by Steven J. Fowler.

Dust jacket final

A book exploring poetry as a fractured, overwhelmed, handwritten victim of colour, brutalist child-like portraiture, abstract illustration and negative space.

I fear my best work behind me makes space around the formal domination of clean, centre aligned poetry.

The works call back to the post-war and latter 20th century explorations of Henri Michaux, Jacques Racquet and the CoBrA group especially – Christian Dotremont, Pierre Alechinsky, Asger Jorn, Lucebert, Gerrit Kouwenaars, Karel Appel – who have been enormously influential on my thinking and work. This book is a reconnection to their principles and practises, knowing it to be familiar ground, but one rarely tread and increasingly necessary in a still predominantly colourless medium.

I could barely read this, this book changed my life.                                                                                       Tuur Van Balen artist

I’m just messin’ about, Karel Appel once said. Nothing was further from the truth.
I’m just messin’ about, says SJ Fowler/ Nothing is further from the truth.                                          Bas Kwakman managing Director Poetry International Rotterdam