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15.11.13. – 5.2.14. by Andrew Taylor

A5 Cover

As much a phenomenological treatise as a collection of poetry, each page of 15.11.13 – 5.2.14  is a tabula rasa on which the world is assembled anew from its minutiae: glasses of whisky, toasted cheese sandwiches, coffee at motorway services, the intermittent twinkle of fairy lights. Poised, precise, modular and molecular, this book reminds us that the way to the empyrean is via the quotidian, that we understand the big things by first understanding the small, that the truth lies always close to hand. 15.11.13 – 5.2.14 is a work of sensuous particularity and Taylor is a poet who knows the importance of stating just what colour of milk he is drinking and what, exactly, is in his soup. The definition is in the detail. What will survive of us is roasted beetroot risotto.

– Tom Jenks


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